Sunday, July 1, 2007

Miss Molly's

This weekend we went to Miss Molly's Tea Room with our girl scout troop. It was so much fun and absolutely delicious!! I love Miss Molly's. It is such a great place to take your little girl or in my case girls. I had the chicken salad on a pastry puff with lemon tea bread and broccoli cauliflower salad...oh so good, and Kenna and Chloe had pizza, soda in their very own tea pot and cherry applesauce. They each also got to decorate an iced sugar cookie for dessert. It is just a neat place to take your little girl to have special Mommy daughter time.


Hummel Family said...

Kenna and Chloe are just beautiful. I love their long hair. They always keep it so nice. I need to find out where this Molly's Tea Room is at, I'd love to take Cai there!

Oh, and your new stroller is gorgeous! You are quite the Ebay Queen!

Candice Lovett said...

What a fun idea. and how pretty your girls look! They were all done up so nicely. I want to and the girls will be there in 18 hours or so...! (okay, not really) :)