Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's HERE!!

I am so excited our brand new stroller arrived and it is so beautiful!! The Combi double stroller "On Purpose Pink." I am really starting to get hooked on EBay, bad I tell ya. So, I have been watching and waiting for the perfect moment to sneak in and get the deal of the century. Times been ticking and vacation is just around the corner, got to get the deal and still have time to have it ship!! I found one, I was down to the last 52 minutes and counting I was focused, I was determined to sneak in at the last second and win the stroller I have been longing for. So did I win you ask?... I was so close... I was patient... I had it all figured out in my head... and then it happened... I got distracted... how could I let this happen... I had a plan. Well as you probably guessed I didn't win. I didn't even get to enter a bid. I blew it and for what you might ask? A steak salad hold the fries with extra cheese and french dressing oh and no bread!! LUNCH, I lost my stroller that I calculated every conceivable turnout over lunch. I had to do it... buy it now... I had no choice. With vacation around the corner and who knows how long for shipping time it was now or never. My lunch cost me about $20. more than it should have IF I would've just waited an hour longer. Oh well, it came today and I absolutely love it. It's all that I had hoped it would be. Isn't it pretty?!?

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