Monday, June 11, 2007

Weight/Length Updates

Riley Addison
14 pounds 8oz.
26 1/2 inches long
(we think the length could be inaccurate)
(3rd percentile for weight not sure about length)
Reagan Brooke
15 pounds 5 oz.
26 1/4 inches long
(also 3rd percentile for weight could be fifth-see below)
(i was snooping at the chart while the doctor had it open, they usually tell us the percentile but didn't this time)

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Candice Lovett said...

i didn't realize how small they are. they look so big in the pictures! do you have to feed them extra calories to help them gain weight? i always had to put powdered whole milk and safflower oil in EVERYTHING the girls consumed. didn't seem to help them much then. now that they have more of an appetite, they seem to be slowly but surely gaining some weight. i don't know if they were ever even ON the charts for percentiles, though. LOL!!