Sunday, June 10, 2007

We're 9 months...

Today me and Riley turned 9 months old. We are really growing and learning
so much new stuff. We have to go to the doctor tomorrow and she will tell Mommy and Daddy just how much we have grown!!!! I just hope we don't have to get shots. Me and Ri cry so bad. We don't like them at all. Wanna know what we can do??? We get around everywhere. We can even leave the play mat and get into the dining room. I think we are really starting to make mommy nervous. Mommy and Daddy took me and Riley today to get our big girl car seats and they bought something called a baby gate too. I'm not sure what that's for. It's big though. Okay so Riley did sit up almost all the way today and I haven't done that yet but sometimes it's okay to let your little sister do things first. We get on our hands and knees and hands and feet/toes a lot, it's so much fun. My mommy says that we get around like a soldier crawling on their belly. I think that is a good thing cuz soldiers keep us safe! We love to snack in our highchairs and love to chew on our toys. Me and Ri talk to each other all of the time. We wake mommy and daddy up every morning just laying in our beds talking. I think it makes them happy cuz they always come in our room smiling when they tell us good morning. We love our binki's but we like to suck our thumbs too especially when we are eating. We are starting to work on the standing up and holding on. Mommy said for now on we have to have our bed rails up. Riley stood up in the shopping cart today at Babies R Us. Good thing Mommy was standing right there. I love to chew on my toes, Riley doesn't do that as much as me. We eat baby food all of the time. I like the meat baby food better now than before. It's not so bad after all. Know what else we do...we give KISSES but only when we want to. Mommy said that tomorrow she will add pictures and tell you how big we have gotten. Good night everyone Jesus loves you!!

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Candice Lovett said... cute! i bet eli would love to play with them girls!
it's so fun when they become more and more aware and are learning every day!
oh and thank you for the continued prayer. :)