Sunday, June 24, 2007

Too Little...Too Late

So, I thought since we will be going to Florida on vacation and unable to pack highchairs it would be a good idea to get the babies bumbo seats with trays. How perfect right?! Not too big to pack plus they are so multi purpose. Who would've thought they'd learn to arch their little bodies and pop the trays right off, then proceed to twist themselves free until they are completely out of them. I think we had them all of a week when they figured it out. I'm still planning on taking them on vacation with us (the seats that is) they'll sit long enough to eat but they are by no means confined enough for us to turn our backs for a second. Just another way of showing mama they are getting so big.


Hummel Family said...

OH MY! I am not ready for my two babies to wiggle out of those adorable bumbo seats!

Atleast you can get them to stay there while they eat. They look so adorable!

Candice Lovett said...

HA HA!!!! don't know what else to say, but HA! HA!!