Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sitting, Standing and Crawling

My have our babies been busy! Riley and Reagan have decided over night they are going to become big girls. It all started last week when I found Riley standing in her crib after her nap (Rae too stands in her crib but Riley did this first). Reagan didn't want to be out done by her younger sister (by 6 min.) so she decided that she would start crawling this weekend. So now we have two little ones standing all of the time they will pull up on just about anything/one that's within their reach, Reagan is now crawling all of the time on all fours, Riley still does the injured soldier/froggie crawl but don't let it fool ya she is quick as lightning, and they both decided they like to sit up and play more than laying down. So they have been quite busy practicing all of their new found freedoms. Oh and did I mention they both broke through their two bottom teeth. The exact same day!! I'll post pics as soon as they are a little easier to see. Where has the time gone???


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hey, how do you post a personal home video on your blog site? can't figure it out for the life of me... let me know via email, ccluv@verizon.net thanks!