Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A few of my faves

Twins share everything!

Gramma and Papa with 7 of their 19 grandchildren
(they also have 1 great grandchild)

Even though it doesn't look like it Rae loved this lemon

Kenna getting soaked at Sea World

So sweet, Chlo shared her dippin' dots with her cousin Sean

Love the family picture in front of the Palm Trees!!

Notice my brother has the big LOSER sign, and it was his idea to race...hehehe

Rae is too sweet for words

Kenna hit the jackpot baby...over 1900 tickets!!!


Grin & Barrett said...

Love the pictures.... It looks like you had a wonderful time! Miss Ya. Hope we can get together soon. HUGS

Bolline Family said...

Hi! Love all your new pictures, all your girls are gorgeous!

allie bari said...

you are truely blessed! allie loves the picture with rae and ri drinking out of the straws.