Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Please Pray for Maylee

I have another prayer request!! Please take a moment and pray for little Maylee, she is one of the triplets that was born at Aultman when our babies where there in the NICU. Maylee was born at 25 weeks and was able to come home even before her due date. She and her brother Jakobi are quite the little fighters and have come such a long way. Maylee became sick this weekend and had to be admitted into Children's Hospital. Please pray that God will touch her and take this sickness away and pray that God can be with her Mommy and Daddy and help them get through this tough time. Pray that God gives them peace of mind to know that he is with Maylee now as he was before and how he always will be. Your prayers are powerful and they need them now. Thank You.

You can follow this link and read about Maylee and her family. http://hummelnest.blogspot.com/

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Hummel Family said...

Rachel, thank you! You are an amazing friend! Thank you for praying and for getting others to pray! I am still in shock by what has taken place but oh so happy we now know what was wrong. I pray that this surgery will get her back to her chirpy self again!

Thank you again!!