Monday, March 5, 2007

Our Weekend

Perfect Grandma vehicle 12 passenger. (Enough room for all the grand kids) She loved it!!

Josh and his Jeep!

Talking Robot-Kenna and Chloe loved it!

Jeep Obstacle Course

Daddy and his babies

How cool is this cop car!

Hold it up girls!!

Mommy's impression of Brittany Spears ;)

We went to the IX Center this weekend they were having their annual car show. We took all of the girls and Grandma Rita and Papa Dale came along. It was a lot of fun and the girls had a great time. Of course, Josh was all about the Jeep's so to say the least he was a little excited to see they had set up an obstacle course that you could drive on, over, and through. He was a bit disappointed when he saw that Jeep had drivers you could only ride as a passenger. I had a great opportunity to have a little fun and do a celebrity imitation. See if you can figure it The babies were great not a peep I think they really enjoyed all of the lights and pretty colors, and Makenna and Chloe especially loved the robot. Grandma Rita found a van that could hold all of her grandchildren. It had a 20" TV in it. Papa loved the mustangs, Josh was all about the Jeeps and here I am trying to find a new mini van lol. I need room I have 4 children!!

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