Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Goodie Two Shoes!!

Yesterday I had my first official kindergarten program, it was a lot of fun. I got to have a speaking part, I didn't even get scared. I went right up to that microphone and said, "Does that mean you are all goodie two shoes?" My part was right after one of my very best friends part her name is Shadra. I practiced with my Mommy but I memorized it the first time. It was a piece of cake! Then my grandma Rita took us all out for ice cream, I love ice cream. Thank you Grandma. Chocolate dipped in chocolate is my favorite I always beg my Mommy and Daddy to take me and Kenna to Dairy Queen in the summer. It's yummy!! I can't wait to go visit my Papa Booder and Grandma Judy in Florida my Papa loves ice cream as much as me. Anyhow, I was very excited for my program we did it once during the day (after lunch) and then again in the evening. Daddy and Reagan and Riley came to see me during the day, then everyone came to see me at the night one. It was fun, I could do another probably when I go to first grade. Mommy tape me singing. I am in the front row I have on brown cords and a brown shirt with pink sleeves. I hope you like it.


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