Thursday, March 8, 2007

Chloe turns 6

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!! It's so hard to believe you are 6, you're our little pips(one of many nicknames we have for you). You're such a wonderful little girl full of hugs and kisses anytime we need them. You love your baby sisters so much and adore your big sis Kenna. You are so smart you blow daddy and mommy away. The things you know, how well you read, the desire you have to learn(not many children learned to tie their shoes when they are 3). You can be anything you want. You never go to bed at night without giving all of us hugs and kisses!! You always wake up in the morning for school in such a good mood. You love your Grandma Rita so much, she loves how you call her anytime you feel like it even just to say, "I love you!" We are still amazed at how you learned her home and cell phone number by the time you were 4. Your my angel, truly a gift from God with so much love to give. Thank you Chlo for being born and being our little girl!!

We Love You,

Mommy and Daddy


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happy birthday chloe!!!

from dusti and allie