Friday, March 9, 2007

Continue to pray for Maylee

A couple of days ago I ask that you pray for a little baby girl named Maylee. (Read below) Here's just a little update...Since being in the hospital Maylee has undergone two surgeries. That's a lot for anyone especially such a tiny thing. Maylee is a fighter though, she is doing much better and hopefully on the road to recovery and getting to come home soon. She is in the pediatric intensive care unit and will probably be there a couple more days. Maylee has had a couple of set backs since being in the hospital hence the second surgery. Please continue to pray for Maylee and her family. Pray that Maylee's little body can heal, and pray that God will continue to show his will through her recovery. Pray for Maylee's Mommy and Daddy ask the Lord to give them strength through this rough time. They are faithful people and can feel your prayers working for them. Check out Maylee's family site for more details.

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Hummel Family said...

Thank you again Rachel! And thank you to everyone out there whose been praying for our Baby Girl. We sense the prayers of many!!

Rachel, thanks for your phone #. I will remember it incase I need something. I really appreciate it. So far, I've been staying up here at the Ronald McDonald House...only a block away.

Good to see your clan all doing well. Hope it stays that way for a long time!!