Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Twins x's 4

Check this picture out!! Do you feel like you're seeing double??
It's okay if you are and if your not take a closer look. There are FOUR sets of twins in this picture. It was taken Sunday right after church in the lobby. How cool is that! Josh and I joke that it's in the water at our church, except no one told us that when we ;0). So look out Janeen you could be next! It's a blast, crazy sometimes but I wouldn't change a thing. The funny thing is that we could think of 3 more sets that aren't in the picture that also go to our church. Reagan and Riley are in the car seats to the left. Elizabeth and Lindsey are the oldest twins in the picture ( I think they are 17), and the boy/girl twins I don't remember their first names but their last name is Amstutz. The other baby twins in the car seats are name Riley and Charlie. I just met their mommy a few minutes before we decided to get a picture. I am so glad she had her camera!


Candice Lovett said...

that's so funny. it seems that twins are EVERYWHERE nowadays! although i DID read that twins only account for 3% of all births annually. kinda odd statistic, since i feel like twins are no longer a rare-ity.

Hummel Family said...

Do you know Tiffany Amstutz? whoaaa!