Saturday, March 10, 2007

6 Months Already!!!

These little turkeys are getting harder and harder to photograph! They don't want to stay still at all and forget about giving Mommy a big smile for her picture-no way. I tried really hard to get a picture of them smiling together and after about 50 or so pictures (I am so not exaggerating) I came to the conclusion it wasn't gonna happen. Believe it or not they are very smiley babies, I can't prove it but they are. It's so hard to believe my angels are 6 months old!! They are such a blessing and are just so much fun. So these are the things they are doing. They are rolling over, talking all of the time, loving their toys especially their baby dolls , love their binki's, are eating rice cereal, are trying to sit up by lifting their heads and using their stomach muscles (almost like doing a crunch), they get off of their blanket but I'm not sure how I haven't witnessed them doing it, and are just very happy content babies. Thank you Lord!! It's not bad having twins but it can be challenging when they are both screaming, fortunately that doesn't happen too often. Oh and they are sleeping really good at night. They do wake up and want to eat usually once @ 4:30am or so but we have had nights were they have slept through. That I could get use to. I will admit I do sometimes check to make sure they are breathing, I can't help it. I am a worrier by nature. They have brought so much joy to our lives and we can't imagine not having them. Life is hectic but it is so rewarding.


The Ski's said...

Ok.....ADORABLE!!!! Love the pics! Kisses to all the girls! Ellie sends them too!!!! Miss you guys!!!!

Candice Lovett said...

they are soooo cute! and certainly are identical. i remember when my girls were at that stage. they were so cute. it's fun having twins! you will enjoy them sooo much. you'll find it's easier in a sense because they keep each other company and they will always have a playmate that just happens to be their best friend. it IS a blessing and a wonderful joy!
have a great week!

Grin & Barrett said...

Okay, Love the picture of the Reagan and Riley sitting in the chair. They are growing too fast! Happy 6 months old!