Saturday, April 5, 2008

18 month pictures

Last night my awesome mil watched the babies so Josh and I could have a "date" night. Well, we ended up taking Makenna so we could spend special one on one time with her. Chloe was at a birthday sleepover at a friends house. It was nice. I think Kenna really needed that... it's been a long time. We had a good night. The babies stayed the night over at grandma's house so we went to pick them up today. Anyhow, because my mil lives so close to the mall we decided since we were that way that we'd take the babies to get their 18mo. pics taken. It seemed as though we weren't gonna get not even one good picture. It was not going well...lots of walking out of frame, even some tears. They are not into the picture taking thing yet at all. So I just kept thinking if we get just one good one I'll be happy (we had a coupon for a free 10x13...I wanted my freebie). One, ha! Try all of them. It was soooo hard to chose. I spent way more money than I had intended BUT I love them. Absolutely and truly. The best pictures they have taken. So I left holding a huge portrait for our living room (and a few more) and even though we didn't get home until 10:30pm it's already hanging in the perfect place. My scanner is not the greatest but I did take a picture of one of my favorites. The smaller ones we scanned in.

Riley (lower) Reagan (upper)

"Riley Addison"

"Reagan Brooke"
**The photographer asked if we'd be willing to sign a photo release so they could use the pictures as advertisement. After all she went through to get them I had to say yes.**


Triplet Mama said...

The photos are precious! Them wearing tutus make the pictures even more adorable, but your girls are so unbelievably cute as they are, you know what I mean?!
Makes me want to take just my girl to the photographer too! Maybe I'll wait til she has just a wee bit more hair ;)

Adam & Andrew said...

WOW, those are really GREAT!!

allie bari said...

Too Cute!

Anonymous said...

Where did you take the pics? Picture People? And where did you get the outfits?!

e-mail me at


twin power mommy said...

Oh... my...Gosh! those are adorable! i really like the second one.

Kim said...

They are WAAAAY too cute! How can you stand it? These pictures turned out really nice!

twin power mommy said...

everytime i read mil i always think, "what's mil?" and then i remember ... i'm such a dork!