Sunday, March 30, 2008

Signing Time with Reagan & Riley

This is not the best show of how good they have gotten. We were just finishing up dinner and I thought I'd see if they would show me some signs. They did a lot... and then we found the camera. They were a bit burned out the second time around and kinda got onto the whole peek-a-boo or as we call it ....where's Rae/where's Ri game. Still, thought I'd share it. Please ignore the large pile of clothes/garbage bag of clothes in the background I'm currently working on getting rid of things the girls have outgrown. I have two huge garbage bags full and I'm not anywhere close to being done. With four daughter's I doubt it will get better any time soon. Makes for a good yard sale though. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


twin power mommy said...

that was awesome! eli sat on my lap while we watched it and he was smiling the whole time. whenever you'd say a word he knew, he'd sign it. and he kept saying, "baby".
That is great! i loved watching it.

Casey's trio said...

Oh my goodness..they are SO cute! Love it:)