Thursday, March 27, 2008

Baby Signing Time

Many of you probably know from past posts that Josh and I use sign language with the babies. We have been signing just a few basic signs with them since they were probably somewhere around a year old. Well, about a month ago I decided to start looking for some videos for the babies. I didn't want just any video...they really aren't into watching TV except when we're in the car going somewhere. They see the TV screens and point. This is going to be a huge asset this summer when we hit the road on vacation. Anyhow, back to the point. I didn't want just any video I wanted something educational. So I decided to do a Google search. I came across the Baby Signing Time as well as "Your Baby Can Read". After checking out these sites I was so excited. I haven't purchased "Your Baby Can Read" ...yet although I have been keeping my eyes on a good deal so I'm sure we will be adding them soon. However, we did buy "Baby Signing Time" and for babies who don't usually pay one bit of attention to the TV, as soon as they hear the music they are running to watch Alex and Leah. They love these videos and so do the big girls. Honestly, I love them too. We watch them a lot. Especially on the road. So here's my testimonial. These videos are amazing. The babies have been watching them for a couple of weeks now and they know TONS of signs. More than I realized. Yesterday, I was playing with the babies and I decided to see if they would show me any new signs. Really I expected Rae to. She signs all of the time, but my Ri she started signing things I had no idea she could sign. Things like play, friend, dog, cat, clean, dirty, yes, no, daddy...I was completely shocked. She has even started speaking more. Rae almost always speaks the words as she signs where Ri tends not to talk "words" as much. Well, that's changing quickly. Today she was saying no, baby and please. Which she also knows the signs for. Tonight I ordered the next 3 volumes. They are going to love them. If you have any interest in teaching your baby or even older child signs you will not be disappointed! Signing time is above and beyond what I had hoped for. I'll try to get video soon. It so cute. Rae's new word/words is Ri Ri. It is so cute. The other morning I was getting ready for work and I could hear Rae saying Ri Ri ...Ri Ri over and over. When I went to get her up Riley was still sleeping. She was trying to wake her sister up. Little Turkey!!


Cathy said...

Very cute!

We are Signing Time fans, too. I have triplets that are three today. I started with Signing Time at 1 year old and wish I had started sooner. I joke with others about how Rachel takes my 4500 mile car trip with me every summer. You won't be disappointed with any of the DVDs.

Have you submitted your testimonial to the Signing Time website? You should, if you haven't. Check them out at

The Ski's said...

Awesome!!! Will you give Reid the tutorial???? I may borrow those for a night to look at them sometime!!!! Love to you all!

twin power mommy said...

How cute. Also way exciting that they are able to communicate more. Eli always signs the few words i have taught him. At 9 months he was able to tell me eat, more, all done and thank you (those are about the extent of my signing knowledge)!
He still doesn't talk much, but is able to have me understand the gist of what he is trying to say through signing and pointing.
i can't wait to see the video of the girls.
alyssa and caitlyn were waking each other up since the beginning of time, too. i always tell them, let your sister sleep. come out and play with mommy, but don't waker her up. nevertheless, they still want each other to be awake once they are. crazy twins!;)