Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Picture

Look how tired my girls are. We had to get up reaaalllly early for church Sunday. I didn't even get a picture of all four girls with their baskets because by the time we got the babies up we were rushing around like crazy.

Seriously this is the best picture I have of all my girls together on Easter how sad. What's worse...not one family picture. So sad!


The Ski's said... least you got a picture!!!! We weren't at church because Ellie had a no pics....aughhhhh! Hope you are well.....miss you all! Ellie needs a Rachel fix. We will have to come visit when you want company! Give me a call!!!! Love to you all!

twin power mommy said...

We decided to go to church on sat. night because i was cooking for everyone on sunday. Figured there would be NO TIME to cook, clean, and go to church. Our service on sat. was spectacular. it was neat that they had focused on the resurrection of lazarus and not the same Jesus resurrection story. as much as i am excited about the resurrection of OUR LORD, the story of lazurus was pretty compelling as well.
i'll have to get pics up, too. been busy trying to get my taxes done (have an aptmt tomorrow with our accountant) and figure out the Lease information for our prospective site for the coffee house.
busy week!!!
have a great day! :)

Kim said...

All your girls are so gorgeous. I know I have said that a million times before and so have many others but they truely are! How fun!!!! Looks as though they all got lots of goodies for Easter.