Monday, March 3, 2008

Where'd it go Rae?

This video is so cute I had to post it. Josh took it today while I was working...I love when he captures something cute I may have missed. Thanks Honey! *Side note ~ my little angel took a nasty spill tonight and busted her lip open realllllly bad. She bled quite a bit and I'm not sure but it looks like she bruised her gums above one of her top teeth...poor baby. She wouldn't really let me look at it. I'll try to get a picture. I can hear her crying in her crib again so this has to be short and sweet...enjoy the video. I'm going to go get my baby and snuggle her.


Kim said...

That was cute! Poor thing... i bet that really hurt.
Landen took a spill in the driveway yesterday on our way to daycare. He was running out to the driveway and i didn't catch him in time, our driveway is an ice skating rink. It has a layer of about an inch and a half of ice on it. His feet came out from underneath him, body in air and crashed his little head on the stupid ice.. poor guy

Casey's trio said...

So sweet. I hope her mouth is okay after the fall.