Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to my little Chlo Chlo

I cannot believe you are SEVEN years old. Chloe my sweetie...what a blessing you are. Mommy, Daddy, and your sisters love you sooooo much. You are such a love love love to give hugs and kisses and will not go to bed without getting at least two from everyone in the house. Except for maybe Makenna because she is so past giving her younger sister who is 7 a kiss. We make her though... ;0). You are a very giving little girl. You love your twins and take such good care of them. You worry about them like a little mother. You are such a smart little girl... you wow me and daddy, on your report card you got a 115% in spelling because you get all of your bonus words correct (which you can't study for because your teacher chooses them the day of the test). I wish you weren't growing up so fast but we are enjoying every minute of it.



Just checking back on your blog. My oldest juct turned 7 in Jan. Time goes by SO fast!! I wish I could stop it.(some days:)I enjoyed watching the video's of the little girls. They are so cute!
I also did all the same signs you are teaching them and man does it come in handy when they can't yet say the words.Anyway,just wanted to say Hi. So....HI!:)


Just not juct!:)

twin power mommy said...

hope you guys enjoyed your special day!