Thursday, February 28, 2008

You gonna eat that?

Yesterday morning I videoed the babies a little. They are doing so much now. Reagan says mommy, cookie, baby, bye bye, hi, chloe, na-na (kenna), daddy, bell (tinkerbell), no-no, and probably more I just can't think right now. Riley is not talking as much and by that I mean recognizable words. She actually "talks" all of the time. Her words are mama, dada, bell, no, and bye bye. They both sing the binki song....for those of you not familiar with the binki song which i'd be really surprised if you were considering it's a song Josh composed himself it goes a little something like this...binki, where are you (repeat~while crawling around on the floor looking for a binki or usually two). As easy as this song may seem you must sing the words not speak the words. It's adorable I'll have to try and capture it on video but please don't hold your breath it may take a while. They are not much into the performing thing. Both girls also are pretty good with their signing although again they weren't into the performing mood during the above video. They sign please, thank you, eat, milk and more. They have both had non stop runny noses which I finally figured out why ...TEETH four each all at the same time. Poor babies. There is my little update.


twin power mommy said...

that video had me crackin up! i love it when you try to get video of 'em and they don't perform the way you want them to. Eli knows those signs, also. he was sitting here watching the video and was making the motions with his hands while he heard you guys saying the words.
them girls are too cute!

Casey's trio said...

Love the signing, food sharing and kissing going on in your house! Such a fun age:)