Monday, February 25, 2008

Movie Reviews

Sunday afternoon me and my sis-in-law took the "big" kids to the movies. We decided to see The Spiderwick Chronicles. It was a great movie. A tad bit on the scary side for little ones although I was forewarned by another friend that said it had "scary parts". Chloe sat on my lap the whole movie and took one of her webkinz to cover her eyes just in case. Makenna really really liked it and so did I. I'm definitely giving it two thumbs up just be careful taking children under the age of 5 maybe even a little older if they scare easy.
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Seriously one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I'm an action girl especially when special effects are involved so really I LOVED this movie. Josh and I got to go out on a date for Valentine's Day (thanks grandma Rita for keeping the kids...overnight to boot!) and we decided to go to a movie that didn't involve talking animals. ;0) We both really didn't know a whole lot about this movie when we walked into the theater but we were definitely glad we picked it. Awesome movie!! It had everything suspense, action, comedy, romance (kinda). This movie Makenna could have seen. It was clean okay there was a teensy tiny bit I'm talkin' blink and you miss it of ...ahem you know but barely and we couldn't remember any bad words...say what? Yup. We will most definitely be adding this movie to our DVD collection. Although to be honest I've considered going to see it again before that. It was that good. So if you get a chance it's definitely worth the price of admission.
*Two Thumbs way UP*
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twin power mommy said...

That jumper movie has totally caught my attention! i LOVE action movies with special effects, too! chris and i were going to see it a couple weekends ago, but the timing never worked out right. How fun that you guys got to go on a date! i LOVE date night with my man, isn't it sooo nice to connect like that?!