Friday, February 22, 2008

Busy Day

Yesterday was a BUSY day...I worked from 9am-1am left work to pick up the babies, quick do their hair so that we could dash off to the doctors office for their second round of flu shots. Daddy couldn't come along because he had court. Shoulda put the babies in the stroller but thought that could be just as much work as getting them to walk/carry them. Opted against dragging the stroller out ~ still not sure that was a good decision. Get the babies in the building not too bad, getting them to get on the elevator TOGETHER that's another story. Finally get into the doctors office they play a little ~ not bad. Get called back and then came the shots. Actually, they both did really well. The nurse gave Rae her shot first and then Riley's nurse gave her her shot. I was able to comfort Rae and by the time Ri got her shot Rae had already stopped crying it's just Rae didn't want me to put her down to comfort Ri. Where's a stroller when you need one (in the car cuz I thought it would be too much work, HA). Anywhoo, I just sat there with them until they were both okay and then we headed out. Of course they didn't want to leave when they notice the toys in the waiting room so I had to coaxed them out with good 'ole Cheerios. Loaded them back into the van and head to pick up Chloe from school. It was D day, the cast was coming off. So yet again I had to unload the babies mind you it's very cold outside and go into Chloe's school to pick her up. I know what your thinking. Yes....I did take the stroller this time, but thanks for asking :0). Of course the school doors don't have the handicap button that automatically opens the doors so that was fun. Also, the office is down a flight of steps but Chloe's teacher happened to be in the hall on her way to pick up her class from music so she watched the babies while I signed Chloe out. Finally, get Chloe and head back to the van. Get everyone loaded back in + the stroller and head to the surgeon's office. Get the stroller back out load babies make sure Chloe's out and head into the doctor's office. By this time the babies are getting a little tried of the in and out, really couldn't blame them. They didn't want to stay in their stroller so I decide to let them out...I know, I had a lapse of judgement. Two babies and lots of magazines not good. Don't fret a few seconds later Josh walks through the door...thank you Lord. He helped me load the babies back up and he stayed with Chloe to get her cast off. This turned out to be a very good thing for me. It seems Chloe's pins the ones they put in her elbow to piece the growth plate back together had worn a whole through her skin and were sticking out. I called Josh (don't remember why) and I could hear her crying in the background. That would've been tough. We had absolutely no idea...Chloe hadn't even complained. The doctor had trouble getting the cast off because the blood had made the cast stick to her arm. They ended up having to remove the pins yesterday too because they were coming through the skin. Sorry, I know that's gross. By the time they got home Chloe was fine and was asking me if I'd post a picture of her pins on her blog. That's my girl!

"thee pink cast"

Riley in the doctor's office

Playing in the waiting room.

Uh-Oh Reagan heard the nurse call her name.

*A little update on Kenna...she was not feeling so well and missed the morning portion of school but is doing better tonight. I've been asked what was wrong...Kenna is very sensitive so I'll just say that she had some abnormal bleeding. Very scary...but we will keep an eye on her and continue to follow up with the doctor. Thank you again for your prayers.


Candice Lovett said...

wow! what a crazy day indeed! it's terrible trying to go to multiple places with three little ones. poor chlo having to see those pins sticking out of her skin. i couldn't imagine! i am fine looking at other peoples' gross wounds, but when it's yourself or your baby, it's hard to deal with. what a brave girl you have!

Grin & Barrett said...

Oh Rach,

You and Josh are such the troopers! God only gives you what you can handle, right? We'll keep saying those extra prayers for you and keep us posted. Hugs to you all!


Anonymous said...

A special prayer for Kenna from Grama and Grampa Hunt ;o)

Casey's trio said...

I hope your Kenna is feeling better. Poor's scary to have health issues with your kiddos. Love the pics of the twins in their tights. Too cute!