Thursday, February 7, 2008

My babies got new babies

Riley's baby

Reagan's baby

Rae couldn't wait to get her baby out.

Riley wasn't sure which one she wanted...she ended up wanting BOTH.

Riley giving her baby a big kiss!

Rae loved her baby especially the hat and bikini. She gave her baby lots of kisses, too!

I had a business lunch the other day...that will most definitely turn into girlfriends having lunch one day I know it! I absolutely love my job and love meeting new people that end up being great new friends. Anyhoo, there is a really cute/unique toy store close to where we had lunch so I popped in to just take a "look" around. Yeah right ... me just look :0) I can't help myself. So I was actually looking for something I saw on ebay that I wanted to get the girls and thought that maybe just maybe this store would have it. (Oh yeah, I didn't get it on ebay because it was a buy it now only item and I procrastinated...bummer). So unfortunately the store did not have it but they did have the cutest baby dolls! I had had had to buy the babies a doll (each). See I didn't end up getting them one for Christmas because the original dolls I wanted to get them sold out...imagine that Christmas time and something sold out ;0). We finally got the cradles we ordered them from PBK for Christmas although we had to send Riley's back 3x's because the personalization was wrong. So now they have their babies to put in their new cradles. It is so cute they love to play with them. Actually, I think Rae and Ri were more excited to open their dolls yesterday then they would have been at Christmas. As soon as I handed Rae her doll she said "baby" as clear as day for the very first time. Melted my heart and Josh's too. One little note about these dolls ~ they have soft bodies but they are waterproof. How cool is that! (they can take them in the bath tub with them).


Candice Lovett said...

That's really cute! Caitlyn and Alyssa had "twin" dolls and they both named them "eleven". I don't know why that name, but it's cute and we still giggle about their dollies' names. Girls are soooo much fun!

Carolina Mama said...

How adorable! I'm a twin boy mom so it's fun to see a little pink. :) Over from 'the little things.' God Bless!

Triplet Mama said...

Cute dolls! I got mine triplet dolls for Christmas, and I keep forgetting to take them in to the bath to try them out. It's good to have one doll for each kid.
One of my boys is sitting in my lap right now and he's squealing and giggling and pointing at your girls! SOooo cute!