Thursday, April 17, 2008

family walk

See the girls on their bikes waaaaay ahead of us ...don't worry they stop at all of the crossings.

It's important when taking a walk to be prepared. We have diapers, wipes, bibs, and the dog know for protection... ;0)

I know I know I cut Josh's head off but it's because 1. he was walking too fast when I was trying to take the picture and 2. i was really trying to get a picture of our little bell enjoying her walk.
*(see bottom of stroller fuzzy little head sticking out enjoying the breeze)

Another picture of our beloved family pet on her "walk"

Riley & Reagan's first ice cream cone

Riley loved the swing.

Rae not so much.

a couple of weekends ago the weather was beautiful. so we decided to take a family walk. we all had such a great time. the babies loved it and the big girls rode their bikes. even tinkerbell came a long for the ride (look very closely at the picture). we walked down to Dairy Queen and then stopped by the park on our way home. Riley loved the swings but Rae not so much. i think it had to do a little with the fact that her daddy didn't sit her back far enough in her swing before he pushed her so she immediately fell forward. that ended it for her. both of the girls loved the slide. it was a great day and it makes me loooong for summer!


twin power mommy said...

i LOVE those pictures. they are so sweet. Eating that ice cream, lookin like big girls. What sweeties!
How fun to have a family day like that. Aren't those the best?

That pic of tinkerbell in the stroller was funny, too. I had to look closely to see for sure. LOL
That guard dog of yours was takin a break! :D
Thanks for stopping by my page and for reading my story. It's neat to be able to share it with everyone.
Have a WONDERFUL friday!

The Ski's said...

Hey, next time you go for a walk, come over and grab Sohie! She would try to shove her big 100 pound furball of a body in the stroller too, I know it! Glad you got everyone out! Seriously....we NEED to connect. Ellie is really needing a girl day! We will plan something soon! Love to you all!!!

Jessica said...

What cute pics! It took me a second to find your dog, at first I thought it was one of the girls stuffed animals. Yea for warm weather!