Thursday, April 24, 2008

I know I can do it

For quite sometime now I have been contemplating running a marathon. It is something that has always lingered in the back of my mind. Well, I have decided to do it. I just recently started running and building up my endurance. Just. Started. So I won't be running a marathon next week but hopefully sometime in October. I have always tried to stay in shape. Not always been successful but I try *most of the time*. I enjoy eating too much to diet. It's one of those things if your not suppose to have it I want it more. I have also always enjoyed the feeling of being physically in shape. A little fact about me *ever since I was a little kid I have done sit-ups/crunches. My younger brother and I use to try to out do each other. Seriously I have been able to do 100+ crunches for a long time. Even still now I can...don't always want to but I can. Maybe it's age getting to me knowing that it's even more important to exercises the older you get. I don't know but I'm motivated. I'm sure some of that has to do with the fact that we will be going to Myrtle Beach this summer for a week and then to Florida for another 10 days that's got me wanting to get more into shape. I want this to be a lifestyle for me not a uh-oh it's time to wear a swimsuit thing. So I will post my progress not to brag but to somewhat be accountable. It's always good to have accountability. Right?!? So, so far I have ran 1/2 a mile without stopping not too good considering a marathon consists of 26 miles but hey it's a start. I usually walk a couple of laps and then try to run a couple (I've been going to a track to run...easier to keep track of distance). Wish me luck I'm pretty sure I'll need it.


Jessica said...

You're my idol!! :) Good for you...that is also my dream, I am just too wimpy to actually try it!

The Ski's said...

You are killing me, girl. I am needing to get back on track. Not doing so well with WW. I am about 15 pounds lighter than before...but...whew...I have a long way to go. Good for you for doing this. I am rooting for you! I get winded going to the mailbox! : ) By the look great! You always do! Kisses to the girls!

twin power mommy said...

i know you can do it! chris and i have always talked about running a marathon. My sister is running one in San Diego in June. She is training for it right now. i am proud of her.
i ran yesterday and got the mile in 13 minutes! i slow to a fast paced walk, but start up once i catch my breath.
There's nothing like coming inside from my run in the mornings and feeling soooo good!
Now i am getting more and more encouraged because i know that i can splurge a bit on some ice cream or a special snack that i want.
i am also counting calories on it says that i need to consume 1200 cal. to lose the weight i want to lose. it is soooo easy to keep track of what i am eating PLUS it stops all that mindless eating i used to do.
just some thoughts.
keep us updated on your progress!

Kim said...

You can totally do it! And you rock! Good for you for having the determination and motivation.... i on the other hand sit aruond eating fatty foods and wanting to be lazy! lol

Casey's trio said...

Good for you!