Sunday, November 25, 2007

We're Back

Well, we are back from a wonderful vacation. Thank you Lord for allowing us to travel safely. This Thanksgiving was such a special one. We had a great time with family. Family we don't see very often. It started out Thursday morning hitting the road a little later than planned but I was so glad we did not rush. We made it to the church safely and there was still plenty of food. Our family has to have Thanksgiving at a facility that can hold a LOT of people. I wish I had a count but I don' guess 100+. The girls did really well traveling we watched a couple of movies and before they knew it we were at our destination. The babies did really good until about the last half hour or so. Not too bad. That night we stayed out at Uncle Barry's and Aunt Carolyn's cabin. It was so beautiful and peaceful we could have stayed much longer. Aunt Carolyn had all of her Christmas decorations up and Reagan and Riley absolutely loved them. They had smiles and kept pointing to everything, they especially loved the huge Santa that sang and danced. They figured out real quick where the start button was and they would push it over and over and dance while Santa was so cute and of course, I have video footage. They are really starting to be so much fun. Makenna and Chloe loved it too. Makenna even said as we were leaving she wishes we lived there...Josh quickly said he does too. I loved visiting but I like my shopping closer than an hour and a half away but, I could definitely vacation there. Dusti, Allie, Doug and Mandy and Gabe stayed at the cabin too so the girls had playmates. We watched movies and sipped hot chocolate it was perfect. Friday a LOT of the family met up for bowling and laser tag...when I say a lot of family I mean we had EVERY lane in the bowling alley :0). Later we all got together again back at the cabin for snacks and family time. Now we are home and trying to get things ready to put up the Christmas tree...I can't wait. Do you like how I decorated the blog ;0) ??? Now I just have to find sometime to go Christmas shopping. OH and the big girls already found one of their Christmas gift...the BIG one... :0(

***I haven't downloaded the pictures yet but I will get them posted soon. There is A LOT of them...imagine that!***

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Candice Lovett said...

very cute blog decorations! your trip sounds like a dream come true! how fun...wish i had family like that to go and visit. What was their gift they found? did i miss something?