Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This morning as the big girls where leaving for school I could hear them screeching with excitement...IT'S SNOWING!! I can't believe the news is calling for snow...already??? Well, I guess it is November. I cannot get over how fast time goes the older you get. I remember being little and thinking the school year was so slow and now I've been out of school ... let's just say it's been a while and time is going way TOO fast! My girls big girls are growing up so fast. I remember Kenna's first day of Kindergarten and now she is in 4Th grade and my little Chlo is a 1st grader, and the babies how can they be 14 months already! I want to cherish this time with my girls, enjoy every second I have with them, they are the loves of my life. Sometimes I feel we get so caught up in everyday life that it is passing us by. The girls are involved in a lot and that's good but days like today when we come straight home from school and do homework, have dinner w/daddy, bake blueberry muffins and read. These are the days I treasure with my girls. We have our day apart then we all come together and talk about how our day went. I love how they talk about their friends and what happened at school...all the important things in their little lives. I wish time would just slow down...I'm not in a rush for my girls to grow up.


Hummel Family said...

They have a good Mommy! A Mommy know wants to be involved and most importantly wants to listen! I am learning that is the Key to a healthy parent/child relationship...LISTENING! You do a wonderful job with that.

May the years slow down!

Candice Lovett said...

Snow!!! That's CRAZY! i am running around in a tank top today! the temp here is a perfect 78 degrees.
the sun is shining, the birds are chiping. funny how the weather can be so different just a few states away. enjoy your day!

Triplet Mama said...

You're such a sweet mommy! Your girls are very lucky!