Monday, November 12, 2007

That's not my fairy...

The babies are really starting to love books. Their favorite is an Usborne Book called "That's not my Fairy" it's a touch and feel book. They have learned what you are suppose to touch on each page it's very cute. They are really starting to learn so much, I love that they understand more...they still choose what they want to listen to and what they don't. Riley has developed her own's funny because she says the same thing over and over again but will sometimes use different pitches. Reagan can say Mama, Dada, Hi and Riley. She makes other noises but these are the words she knows and uses. They both are doing the eat "sign" a lot now but we've been working on "milk" and "more" with absolutely no luck ... so for now we keep trying. Riley has even done eat without being prompted. They are walking everywhere and you can tell they are so proud of themselves. I made a couple little videos of them tonight so I'll post and you can see them in action. They really are best friends and we love it!

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