Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Prayer Request

Please pray for my very good friends Janeen, Brian and Ellie Shemenski. Janeen had a little baby boy this past weekend and after birth they realized he would need surgery. Reid is going to be okay but it still has to be tough to have to watch your baby have surgery. I cannot wait to see and cuddle him. Janeen is one of the most amazing friends I have, I love her so much! Pray for this to be a smooth time for them, pray for God to give them comfort and pray for the surgeons that God will guide their hands! We all know the power of prayer! Thank You!!!


Hummel Family said...

I am praying right now! May God be with the Surgeon and medical team. May God grant this family comfort during a not-so-fun time. Surgery is NEVER fun!!!!!!!! We know that without a doubt! Pleasae update us when he is out of surgery. Thanks!

The Ski's said...

THANK YOU, Rach. I love you, too. Reid is doing well, and we will know more tomorrow to what our plan is when we meet with our surgeon team. Life will be a little crazy from time to time...but we are blessed with good friends and family to help us through. THANK GOD for people like YOU!!!!!