Monday, November 19, 2007


November 2006

November 2007

Finally, it all makes since. The babies are getting molars. These have been the hardest by far! We have had yucky diapers 5-7 times a day...EACH, constant runny noses, fussiness, and lots and lots of biting...can you say OUCH! ... all within the last month or so. Although it seems like so much longer! It's hard to believe something so small could hurt so bad (the teeth piercing our skin). I don't think any of us including Rae and Ri have gone without being bit. Oh yeah, they bite each other. Especially when the are in the stroller, they will grab the others hand and bite their tiny little fingers. You can tell by the cry and the teeth marks left behind what just took place. Tonight I kept looking and wondering, I had a feeling it was a tooth or two but I couldn't see anything. That's because I wasn't looking in the right place. I figured they would get the four on bottom, since they have the four on top. Three have broken through on bottom so it surprised me that the forth would be so harsh. Then I spotted it...massively swollen gums, bulging...poor little things. The plus to all of this is they sure have turned into mama's girls. If daddy has them they reach their arms out for mommy. It is so sweet. We have had lots of cuddle time lately! Well, and nap time too. The yucky diapers have been really rough on their bottoms but I've got that all cleared up for now. We have to change them immediately or it burns their little tooshies! So that's what's new in the Hunt house lots of diapers. Seriously we are going through wipes and diapers like about 109 diapers and 3 tubs of wipies in less than two weeks.


Hummel Family said...

Isn't it always an amazing moment when you go back a year ago? Look at those tiny little girls! NOW look at them!!! Yiu have so much to be thankful for. :) (I know you know that!)

Okay these molars are scaring me. I am not looking forward to this at all!!!! So far JAkobi has been the only fussy one while teething. Maylee never makes a whimper...weird, huh? They always pop through when least expected they would. Hope the girls can find some relief soon!!!!


Candice Lovett said...

Wow... it's crazy how much those little girls have grown! I hated when Eli was getting his molars. The girls were pretty miserable teethers, too. It stinks to see your babies feeling so yucky. Give 'em lots of love!
Have a great Thanksgiving! Looking forward to some pics when you get back!