Monday, November 5, 2007

Good Morning!!

One of my most favorite things: Hearing the babies wake up and start talking and playing in their cribs. Then going in to get them and they get so excited they jump up and down and smile and giggle. That is one of my FAVORITE things. Of course cuddling them while they drink their bottle is a close second! Gotta Go!! Have a great Monday.


Candice Lovett said...

I love that, too. The happy to see you smile they give...Eli now says "boo!" when i open the door in the morning. We laugh and then he's ready to have some mommy time cuddling with the boobie.
I know i'd better enjoy this time, because it's gonna be gone before i know it. enjoy your week!

Hummel Family said...

I love that too, the big cheesy grins of excitement! Although my two are in seperate rooms, they do not sleep well together in the same room. I am so glad your girls can! How precious.