Saturday, May 24, 2008

we love the zoo

No doubt about it we go to the zoo every year. Sometimes a few times. This year I could not wait to take the twins. They love to look out our front door and watch the birds and squirrels...remember the picture/post. So I was pretty excited. They really did like it for the most part but fear did get the best of them quite a bit. All I kept thinking was they could not believe how big the "squirrels" (elephants/hippos/giraffes...etc.) where. After all, aside from cats and dogs and the occasion Amish horse drawn buggy that goes by our front door they've never seen animals that size before. It was a great day the weather was warm not hot. Not a cloud in the sky. Not too crowded and we were with our family...perfect pretty much sums it up. I know you'll probably find this hard to believe but I took somewhere in the ballpark of a million pictures today so I think I'm gonna have to do a slide show ;0). Here's a family one for now.

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Anonymous said...

Can i get some recognition for jumping off the tram to get your baby's pink shoe??