Monday, May 12, 2008

totally random pics

so apparently it's not cool to say you've taken 232 pictures and then not post any for over a week. sorry things have been pretty busy and lately i've just totally drawn a blank when it comes to blogging. we did do some major damage at the mall this weekend leaving a sick daddy at home. it's hard not to spend lots of money when shopping for 4 girls. summer's right around the corner. i'll try to post some pics of our new wardrobes later.
silly riley

rae pretending she's talking to gramma rita


uh-oh riley

look at those baby blues (reagan)

chloe at swim lessons...working on diving

perfect seat

stayin' warm after bath while mama gets jammies


Anonymous said...

that's more like it!!

Love ya's!

-Aunt Sherwood

Triplet Mama said...

hehe - that's funny!
can't wait to see what you got the twins, I bet the summer clothes are adorable!!!

The Ski's said...

OK, girl....Ellie is asking for a Rachel day. That just means seeing you....not her moving in on you or anything! We need to get a day that works and meet up! Ellie would love playing with the twins...and I would love some adult conversation....I am starting to talk to anything that moves at this point!!!! Keep me posted on your schedule sometime...and seriously....let's make it happen! Love to the girls. The pics are adorable...and love those pig tails! Oh, and tell Josh that Brian did a messy bun in Ellie's hair last week. I know Josh will be proud....or mortified! : ) Hugs....

twin power mommy said...

Those are great pics. I LOVE 'em.
The twins are starting to look more different. Still identical, but just different enough to begin telling them apart.
Thanks for the prayers.