Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me &

Happy Anniversary to my awesome hubby! I cannot believe we've been married 14 years. I have been truly blessed. I do believe that God made my honey specifically for me. It's crazy how our love just keeps on growing and our relationship keeps getting stronger. Okay enough of the mushie stuff...did i mention how lucky i am...okay, okay...i just can't help it today is one of my favorite days!


allie bari said...

happy anniversary! to you both!
love dusti

Triplet Mama said...

Happy birthday! And happy anniversary! You guys just look sooo cute!

The Ski's said...

You guys are awesome. Love to you both. Happy birthday, Rach...sorry I am late! And, happy anniversary to you both. Wow.....14 years. That is wonderful!!!!! xoxoxoxxx