Friday, May 23, 2008

My big girls

Kenna and Chloe sure do love each other. They fight a lot but when they get a long i love it. Sometimes I will over hear them talking and it is so sweet. They are there for each other. I'm sure as much as they love their baby sisters this has been life changing for them. They are amazing big sister and the twins absolutely love them. Periodically throughout the day the babes will ask where is Nenna or Chlo Chlo (they love them so much). As soon as the big girls get home from school the babies stand at the gate and yell for them and they (Kenna and Chloe) always make sure they come right in to see their babies (as they are referred to in our house). I love seeing my girls interact and as much as I want time to slow down I look forward to watching their relationship with each other grow into adulthood. Sign* I have such a great life...thank you Lord!
P.S. isn't my hubby the best! (referring to the post below) ;0)

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Triplet Mama said...

Sisters are the best! And how lucky the twins are to have 2 big sisters! I know how excited my kids get when they are around older kids, I can only imagine how much the little ones LOVE their sisters! Have a great Memorial Day!