Saturday, May 31, 2008

daddy's girl

Last weekend my honey participated in a county wide policeman's memorial service. He had a short part in the program and knowing how my hubby loves his job and does it with such passion I was excited to be there with our girls and and watch as he take part in such an honorable ceremony. That however did not happen. Makenna got pretty sick the night before and it last through the next day. So I stayed home with Kenna and the twins but Chloe insisted she go with her daddy. It was so cute...she wanted to be there for him with him. So I got my little Chlo already and she and daddy headed out. They looked so cute together. When she got home she told me how good her daddy did and that they got to stay and have lunch after the ceremony. What a special day for her. One I'm sure she'll never forget!

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twin power mommy said...

That is so awesome that she was able to hang with her daddy.
It's good for a dad to connect on a one on one basis like that.
Great pic of the two of 'em.