Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Truth!

Okay, so I am hacking into my wife's blog for the day. What Rachel forgot to mention was that it was also her BIRTHDAY!!!! (okay she did put it in very small above the picture I did not even see the first time) My wife posted yesterday how it was our anniversary and how special our marriage is. But the TRUTH is I am the one who is blessed. Almost fifteen years ago God led me to the exact time and place to meet Rachel. Let me share a short story with you and you will really understand how obvious it is that we were made to be together.

Rachel and I both grew up in the same large city just in different areas. In fact we went to the same high school, but because of the size of the school (and the fact she is two years older) we did not know each other, in fact I don't believe we even met. Well, Rachel's senior year her parents moved her to the town we now live in (about 40 minutes away). That very same year, I made a decision to move in with my Dad (my parents were divorced since I was very young).

Okay, so it ends up the very small village that my Dad lived in was about three miles from where Rachel was living. Well two years later, I was working at a pizza shop. One day while I was working, all the guys were going crazy talking about this HOT girl that was working at the gas station right next door. They kept saying "man you gotta go see this girl she is beautiful". (And as you can see they were SOOO right). So I found my way to the gas station to see this girl (with some free food of course). Well from there, I found out she was also from the same large city and struck up a conversation. Then I asked her out.

I will never forget our first date was June 16, 1993. When I picked her up she took my breath away, and I have not been able to breath since. God truly blessed me with a wonderful wife who is a great mother to our children. Sometimes in life you never know why you are going through things or what God has in store, but ultimately he has a purpose. God placed Rachel and I in these two small towns in the middle of nowhere on purpose so that we could meet, fall in love, be married and raise our children up to serve him. So again, I am the lucky one!

Happy Birthday Beautiful (belated on here)
P.S. I tried to find a picture to add, but my wife is the one with the camera all the time so I really could not find one!


Adam & Andrew said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!!

Triplet Mama said...

OMG Rachel!!!! Your husband IS the sweetest man on earth!!!! ;)

The Ski's said...

Josh....are you giving lessons to husbands on how to be such an advocate for your wife??? I would like to sign Brian up if you are! : ) You and Rach are a true are right. And we are lucky to have you both in our lives. Much love to you both!

twin power mommy said...

How sweet!
Happy birthday and anniversary!
How old are you now? (if you don't mind disclosing such info)
and i think a wedding pic is due for posting...wanna see you two on your wedding day! :D

Casey's trio said...

Happy belated birthday! How thoughtful of your husband to go public with the story of how you met and how thankful he is to have you!