Sunday, June 1, 2008

look at my

uncle's new car. Don't I look fabulous in it?! I tried to tell him that but he still wouldn't let me keep it. ;0)
this is my dad, me and my uncle John (this is really his car ;0)

see how cute i think i am...j/k

look no hands!

had to get a picture of the back.


Triplet Mama said...

The car was made for YOU! lol
I meant to post last night after reading about Chloe and her Daddy but I got too tired. I am sure she will always remember that special day. Very sweet!

Well next time you go to NYC or out this way you'll have to make a pitstop at my house! We're one hour away from the city :)

The Ski's said...

Question for you, Rach....where will the carseats go??? : ) Let's meet up soon! I need my twin fix and Ellie is asking! Hope you are well!!!!

twin power mommy said...

N I C E!!!!
you DO look good in the car.
someday, perhaps.....

Rachel said...

Thanks Rach for the comment! I missed ya too! I haven't been posting but I read your blog EVERY NIGHT! I look forward to it! It's so sweet! I've also been keeping up with the Audrey Caroline blog.. thank you for introducing me to it.. it has RICHLY blessed me. You should go to the You Tube website and type in Audrey Caroline and take the time to view the videos..they are amazing.
Have a great night!