Sunday, June 22, 2008

hand, foot and mouth for 3 please

i think not but that's what we have. makenna has been spared. the twins only have blisters on their feet and have been fine i.e. not fussing or running temps. poor chloe has got it the worst. her mouth is covered, she has hardly eaten. she has a few blisters on her feet and hands but hardly noticeable. her mouth totally different...i'm talking totally covered including her tongue. she has been in quite a bit of pain. i think we've almost gone through a whole tube of oragel. i took them all to the doctor on friday and here are the twins stats.

reagan 23lbs. 32inches
riley 22lbs. 32inches
(this is pretty much how it's been since birth~reagan in maintaining her 1 pound over Riley)


twin power mommy said...

oh man! That stinks!!
How did the kiddos get it? Is it contagious? Are you worried about Kenna or you getting it?
Poor Chloe...
Give her a big hug!

Triplet Mama said...

OMG! Poor girls!!!! Yes, how do you think they got it?! ...and how long til they are better?

Rachel said...

it's bad but mostly just for chloe...the twins seem unaffected. i'm not real sure how they got it or where they picked it up from. it seems to be pretty common in the summer months, it's passed through salvia so i'm not too worried about kenna, me i should've already gotten it since i share with the babies all of the time. fortunately it usually only affects children under the age of 10 which may be why kenna was spared although it seems her and i have a pretty strong immune system (we are usually the last to get sick if we do). there are no medications because this is a virus so it's a wait it out thing. usually last from 7-10 days. i just checked chloe this morning and she still has it pretty bad. oh one more fun tip...sometimes the carrier has no symptoms! we kept them home from church yesterday so we don't share. thanks for the well wishes you girls are the BEST!