Thursday, June 12, 2008

1 down lots more to go

i did it... for the first time in my life i ran a mile without stopping (even though i really wanted to) but it won't be the last. nope, i'm in training mode. i have committed to run my first 5k on July 19th in Panama City, FL. yep...that soon. so you see i really have to start pushing myself. i've been running every day but usually a quarter of a mile then walk a quarter than run a quarter (you get the picture). well, i sought out some advice from my brother who i will be running the 5k with and apparently i was doing it surprise there. maybe even overdoing it. well, now i am committed to running every other day and walking 5 miles or so on the off days. this girl is motivated! i'll actually be running on my vacation...who woulda ever thought! not me that's for sure, i'm so excited!! so this week it's a mile non stop next week i'm shooting for one and a half if not two. i don't just run a mile and go case that's what i gotcha thinkin' i run a mile then walk a quarter than run a quarter/half and then walk i try to get in at least 4-5 miles in a day. i love it and can't wait to see my own progress. p.s. if there are any runners out there reading this i'd love any advice.


Grin & Barrett said...

Rach, Mr. Harrison and the kids are runners, you may want to give them a ring. They may have some tips for you. We'll see ya on Saturday.

Brian said...

Wow that's awesome! Keep up the good work. One of my close friends is a marathoner. The picture of the running shoes reminded me that he always keeps a log of how many miles he puts on his shoes. 300 - 500 miles is the max.

The Ski's said...

You are my hero. Seriously! Remind me to tell you of Brian's bet with me. I am also walking like a maniac (not running) daily for a cause!!!! I will explain later! I am so proud of you, girl! Keep it up! Hey...when are we getting together??? And YES...I want Laura's saucer!!! Hold on to it for me!!!!! I will catch you sooner or later! Keep it are awesome!

twin power mommy said...

I am still doing my morning jog, but i am still hating it.
I really have to force myself to get out there. It's funny how some people like to run and some do not.
I can't wait to hear about your progress.
Are you losing weight from running?

Casey's trio said...