Thursday, September 20, 2007

One year ago today...

Happy Birthday Babies!!

We brought our babies home!! I was so excited and okay a little nervous. They were very small especially compared to our other two. Let's go back oh...11 days. I had a doctors apt with my wonderful doctor, begged her to check to see if I had dilated, was having constant braxton hicks contractions, had a non stress test and had just had an apt with a specialist. Reagan's fluid level was getting low. I remember telling the doctor I was sure I had to be dilating because some of the contractions were so strong...well I was 2 1/2-3 centimeters...I knew it!! So I asked her what she thought being that I was 35 weeks, she said it could still be a couple more weeks just don't go into labor this weekend because she'd be out of town. So wouldn't you know it... around 3:45am I woke up needing to go to the bathroom, no surprises there...and started to have a pretty strong contraction, I thought I'd wait til it passed to try to get up and go and then I felt it...did I, oh-no, I've heard of that before...having a little accident. My water did not break on it's own with Kenna or Chloe so I really didn't know what that was like. I decided to hurry and get out of bed in case I could make it without any further know what. Well, when I went to the bathroom I realized I still had to pee quite a bit. Maybe it was my water?! I figured I'd be able to tell if I stood up and things continued. They did and Josh was at work. Luckily he was getting off at 4:00am so my timing was pretty good. I called my awesome neighbor/very good friend she answered on the second ring...she said she just knew it was me, then I called the dispatcher to have her tell my hubby no chit chatting after work he needs to come home...think my water may have broke. Next thing I know Josh is running in the back door ripping off his uniform. I told him to slow down I was fine and that I wasn't even sure if it was what I thought it was. We got to the hospital around 4:20ish, and we walked up to labor and delivery. They had me get in the pretty gown and told me they could check and see what the fluid was. Bingo...amniotic fluid!! So the nurse came in and started the process, monitors and paperwork. Not sure why but they didn't start my IV right away which ended up being a pretty BIG mistake. The nurses asked if I was contracting and then how long my previous labors lasted. I told them that it took a while and that my contractions actually weren't that bad. Josh forgot his cell phone in the rush so I told him I was fine and since the hospital is like 5 minutes away to go home and get it. He called his mom and she was on her way. Okay, so now it's about 5:00am still no IV and the on call doc is on her way in. I start feeling like the contractions are getting strong and mentioned how I know somewhere in my chart it says I definitely want an epidural if not two. The nurse oh so sweetly tells me that I am only 3 centimeters and that I need to be at least 5. They checked me shortly after I arrived. Not too much time passes and I'm just sure I should be getting that epidural. No doctor still so hesitantly the nurse decides to check me to see if I'm progressing. How about a 7 and still no IV. Oh and by the way in small hospitals the anesthesiologist has to be called in if it's in the middle of the night!! WHAT!! Fast forward to somewhere around 5:45am...still no IV although they are rushing around like crazy to get it in, very hard contractions, begging for epidural!! Doc comes in I'm at a 9 almost 10...blood pressure cuff on my IV fluid because you have to have at least one bag of fluid before you can get an EPIDURAL. 6ish and I'm truly pushing while they are wheeling me down the hall to the operating room. Multiples are suppose to be born in the OR in case they need to do an emergency c-section. I do not get my epidural however as Reagan was coming the awesome anesthesiologist gives me a shot in my back....ahhhhh. I felt everything with Reagan and absolutely nothing with Riley. Probably a good thing since Riley was breech and the doc had to reach up there and pull her out by her feet. Riley's heart rate dipped after Reagan was born so it was pretty important to get her out as soon as possible. Reagan entered the world @ 6:17am and her baby sister came along 6 minutes later. My life has never been the same since...and I love EVERY SINGLE SECOND of it!!

**By 10:30am my babies were being taken to Aultman Hospital's NICU because of breathing complications, the doctor told me they would probably be there a couple of days, 10 days later they were released from the hospital and we took our babies home.**


Casey's trio said...

A very happy birthday to your girls! Their birthday cakes were too cute...your house must be soooo full of pinks and purples with 4 girls:)
And your question about the signing...yes, at a year, my girls did not use it consistently at ALL. Just keep using it with them and in the next 2-3 months, they'll start using them alot more. You'll be amamzed:)

Candice Lovett said...

How neat. Thank you for sharing that story with us. I LOVE hearing delivery stories. Especially with multiples. What a roller coaster it can be with twins, huh!?
Happy Birthday little ladies!

Hummel Family said...

WOW! What a story! I never realized all of the drama that ook place. I am so glad both Rae and Riley were delieved and in good health. Can you believe that all took place a year ago??? Crazy, huh?

So glad we met! You are an amazing lady (and MOMMY!) and I still can't get over the fact that you were praying for my babies when I couldn't!! Amazing!