Wednesday, September 12, 2007

1yr. well baby check-up

Yummy...Mommy made us cupcakes for our Birthday!!

Today my birthday girls had their well baby check up. They are growing and doing well the doctor was very excited!! Reagan weighed 18lbs 1oz and Riley weighed 17lbs 8ozs. I can't remember off the top of my head what their length was~I'm thinking 28 1/2 Rae and 28 1/4 Ri. They were both right around the 25th percentile for length. They are not walking yet but are taking 2-3 steps and cruising one handed around the furniture. They both wave "hi" and "bye-bye",say "mama" and "dada", and eat all of the time. They have great appetites. I don't think we've come across a food they don't like. Riley has 5 teeth, 1 of which you can only see a little tiny speck but it is through. The other four well....just picture a little vampire!!! Yup, she has the bottom too smack dab in the middle and then on top....she has not the middle two front teeth, she has the one on each side. We have recently started to refer to her as our little snaggle tooth. It's pretty funny! Reagan still only has the two on bottom but it looks as though she will be following right along with her twin. The one to the side of her front tooth is almost through. They absolutely love to play together. They make each other giggle which makes us giggle it's just the cutest thing! Today at the doctors they had to get three shots each which was no fun and they had to get their finger pricked to check for lead poisoning. I was glad that they were checking this out, I don't remember Makenna and Chloe being check but maybe they did and it's just been so long. Anyway, with all the recalls lately it's pretty scary. Working in Real Estate you learn all of the negative affects of lead poising. Now as long as nobody gets sick we won't see the doctor until November when it's time for flu shots. We are having Reagan and Riley's birthday party this weekend so I'll post pictures probably Sunday or Monday!


Hummel Family said...

I am few days late...but HAPPY 1st Birthday!!! YAY!!! Looks like you enjoyed your cupcakes. I wonder what you will look like after eating your birthday cake this weekend.

Have a FUN party! Can't wait to see pictures!

Bolline Family said...

Happy Belated 1st Birthday!!