Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Glasses

Makenna had to start wearing glasses last year, we weren't really surprised my hubby had to wear glasses very young. I think first grade?? Anyhow, it was time for school shopping and Makenna told me that she would like a pair of Cheetah Glasses. I thought it was pretty cute that she called them that and I knew exactly what she meant. Do they make glasses like that for little girls?? She meant she wanted black framed glasses. I have a pair that are by the way very old and she wanted a pair like mine. I told her we would have to see if they had "Cheetah Glasses" for little girls and let me tell you excited doesn't even begin to describe how she felt when I told her I found a pair. She looks so cute and very stylish in her new specks!!


Candice Lovett said...

She looks great in those. Always so stylish, that Kenna.

Hummel Family said...

Looking good, Kenna!

Anonymous said...

Grama Boo loves you in your new glasses :)