Friday, September 28, 2007

No More of This

for Reagan. Wednesday afternoon Reagan and Riley had noodles and a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. I had recently heard through the great vine that your suppose to wait until a child is 2 before giving them peanut butter. Well, I decided to ask our pediatrician about this at the babies one year visit. She said that it was fine just try a little at first since no one in our family has any kind of peanut allergy. Anyhow, about a half hour after the babies scarfed down their lunch...they loved it, Reagan's eye started looking puffy. We called the doctor's office and the nurse said she would leave a message for the doctor and get back to us. Rae was acting fine just the puffy eye. I laid the girls down for their nap a little while later and when they woke up and I went to get them out of their cribs Reagan was a mess. Her ears were completely swelled, her head was beat red, she had welts all over her face and legs, and there was a line from her jaw line down her throat that was bright red with blotchy white spots. It really freaked me out. I called Josh immediately and had him come by to take a look at her, then I called the doctors office who had not called back yet and told them about the progression. They told me to take Reagan to the closest emergency room. I was so afraid, I couldn't believe it. Well, we got Reagan to the hospital and right a way the nurse said she looked like one BIG HIVE. She was covered. The doctor came in and said it was most definitely a reaction to the peanut butter. He put her on a steroid and benidryl and she has been fine. In the meantime, Reagan and Riley (for that matter) will be banned from anything containing peanuts! Riley didn't have any reaction however they steal each others food far too often to even chance it.
**Side Note**
Reagan was also our baby that was allergic to cow's milk. She did outgrow this at around 5 months and the doc did say she could grow out of the peanut thing too. I'll be having her tested before I take any chances and that won't be for at least a year.


Jessica said...

I'm so glad Reagan's okay. The same thing happened to Coleman about a month ago, except that he only had a little bit of peanut butter. He had the puffy eyes, and red welts all over. It freaked me out...none of the other boys have been allergic, nor Corey or I. I didn't know about waiting until they are two for peanuts, thanks for the heads up! Hope all is well with you guys...besides the emergency room visit I mean!! :)

The Ski's said...

Oh, no!!!! I am glad Reagan is ok. How scary for you all, though! I have a little girl in my classroom with a severe peanut allergy. It is amazing how scary something so seemingly harmless can turn out to be so scary. Hope all is on the up and up now. Kisses to the girls!

Triplet Mama said...

Oh my gosh how scary!!! Thank God she's okay!
Thank you for all the posts on my blog - they make my day. I still can't believe anyone reads my blog, it's so freaking boring - yours is AWESOME!!!! I loved the birthday posts - how sweet your babies are!!!
Good luck getting the tickets to Hannah Montana!
Bye for now!

Hummel Family said...

Oh no! I would have been scared too. I've heard PB can do that...I remember being nervous the first time Caislyn had some.

Jakobi woke up today with little welts on his looks like Gerber Papaya (in baby food jar) is not for him. He didn't do any swelling though. Oh, Rachel! How scarey! I am so glad she is going to be fine.

Tiff said...

WOW!I'm sure that was scary. Poor girl. I'm thankful that my daughter is not allergic to ANYTHING!! I had her tested because i have such bad allergies.

Candice Lovett said...

How freaky! Well praise God she's alright now! We'll pray that she DOES outgrow it, because we all know that PB is a staple for kidlets.

Casey's trio said...

So sorry to read about Reagan's peanut allergy. My Makena is also allergic to peanuts. We just saw an allergist about a month ago and they were able to confirm that it is only peanuts and other tree nuts are okay. Definitely take her to get tested. We have an Epi-pen now just in case. You'll definitely need one, especially if she is allergic to bee stings.
I was/still am so sad that she won;t ever enjoy a PB&J. The allergist told me that only about 10% of people outgrow a peanut allergy:(