Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our Weekend

Can you say, "High School Musical 2?" This was a lot of what our Friday and Saturday consisted of. Makenna and Chloe absolutely loved High School Musical and could not wait for the second!! So Friday night Chloe was invited to a sleepover/movie premier of High School Musical 2 and Makenna had friends over to watch with her. I will admit I too really like the first one and my take on the second was the first was definitely better. It was still cute though. The girls loved it!! Saturday our YMCA had a screening and had popcorn and drinks and a drawing for prizes. It was a lot of fun next time I think I'll get a sitter for the twins though. They did not want to sit in their stroller and watch the movie. Not when there was lots of popcorn and drinks on the floor they could spill! It was a lot of fun and the girls really enjoyed it. Oh yeah...and it was FREE!!

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