Friday, August 10, 2007

11 Months

This picture was taken this morning. Just for reference their pj's are size 6-9mo. I had their feet measured for walking shoes they are both size 1.5. Do they make walking shoes that little??

"Riley Addison"

"Reagan Brooke"

(doesn't Rae look like such a big girl in this picture)

Oh how can it be!?! I am blown away that our little ones are almost a year old. They are so much fun. They sure are keeping us busy. Reagan and Riley have decided to grow up overnight. They cruise around furniture, stand up and let go which they are getting pretty good at. Reagan says daddy not just dada, if you ask her if she smells something she'll's really cute. She eats very well and is not picky what so ever. She sleeps very well at night and usually doesn't wake up until 9:30-10:00. She loves to play and get into everything and she loves to cuddle. Riley is very much like her big sister. She says dada and uh-oh, she too sleeps well her and Rae are on the same schedule, she too loves to eat and is not picky. She loves to play and also get into everything. She is a very happy baby she giggles and smiles all of the time. Reagan does too. Really they are VERY much alike. They both will give kisses but only to their baby dolls or stuffed animals. They do not like if we walk out of the room they love when their big sisters give them attention. They scheme together...the other day we walked out of the room to come back and see they had gotten the lid off of their puffs spilled them on the floor and then proceeded to eat them. They open drawers and cabinets on our entertainment center and pull things out. Like I said they keep us busy but we love almost every minute of it. I wish the time wasn't flying by so fast but it is so exciting to see all of the new things they are learning!! Okay, so with their 1st birthday just a month away I need some cool party ideas...any suggestions I'd love to hear them. I really want to play up the TWIN thing!!


Candice Lovett said...

i love those babies' pictures. they ARE looking so grown up in them. don't really have any party suggestions, though, for their birthday. for my girls, we just used some stuff we found at a discount party store and it was cute, but had nothing to do with "twins". maybe do a google search to see if there are any party ideas for twins?....

Hummel Family said...

What BIG girls! They look so adorable in thier cribs. I am in shock too, about them alomost being a year old! WOW! Time flies.