Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another milestone

The girls having some fun in the pool

Pastor Daryl telling the children how excited he is to have them in Jr. Worship

Chloe and Pastor Daryl

Last Sunday after church there was a special graduation swim for the kindergartner's soon to be first graders. At our church when you start first grade you move up from the children's ministry classes to Jr. Church. Chloe is so excited about being with Makenna and have Daryl as her pastor. All of the kids love him! So often Makenna gets so excited when we pick her up from her class she can't wait to tell us what she learned. They also had a cookout for the soon to be first graders and their families and then presented all the kids with their very own bible. Chloe informed me she needs a cover for her bible because she wants to keep it nice. Just another milestone showing me my babies are growing up!!

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Candice Lovett said...

What a neat thing for those girls! How nice to be able to have a ministry geared towards these little ones. I LOVE that we are raising kids to love Jesus and teach others about His love and mercy. Keep up the good work, mommy!!