Friday, January 5, 2007


Well, Josh and I took Reagan and Riley to the Dr. yesterday morning. They have ear infections in both ears, that kind of surprised us we had no idea. We were concerned about Riley's cold it seemed as if it was moving into her chest. The doctor gave us the all clear on that and said her lungs sounded good. They did a pulse ox.(sp?) and her oxygen level was great. That was a relief. Today they seem to be doing better.

weight update:
Reagan 11 lbs.
Riley 10 lbs.

No pics batteries are dead in the camera. Imagine that! I misplaced my rechargables, oops.

Look for a Chloe update soon. She fell on the playground yesterday at school and sprained her ankle.

1 comment:

dusti said...

check with Rita i heard she might have your charger! :)
i'm glad the babies are doing good!
allie just loves coming to see the babies.