Thursday, January 18, 2007

Baby Photo Shoot

Today we went to the mall and had our little ones photographed. They did so well!! Really for all of the awkward positions they did amazing. Big difference from the first photo shoot when they were 6 wks old. I'll have to scan them in later and post for reference. They were pretty fussy for that one. It took quite awhile but Rae and Ri just went with the flow. About an hour into it Riley started getting hungry so we fed her and then just when we were on to the next pose Reagan started to get a little rumbly in her tummy. She tried to suck on Riley shoulder and head but it didn't phase Ri she's kind of use to it. That wouldn't be the first time her sister has used her as a binki. We have the best little babies.


Anonymous said...

How adorable! What little cutie patooties! Jen

Hummel Family said...

awe, how precious!!

Oh and how funny, Reagan sucking on Riley!

Anonymous said...

I love your site! All of the girls are adorable! I need to get my hands on those twins and love them up...they are too cute! Ellie wanted to leave a message too. I asked her what she wanted to say to you, and after thinking about it, she wants to tell you, "Merry Christmas!" hehe Love you guys!

Janeen and the gang